Coaching – an indulgence or investment?

Have you considered coaching as a tool

to bring focus and accelerate the process of getting where you want to be? Has the fact that it takes time and money put you off? Then you might consider hiring a coach to be an indulgence. 

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, indulgence is

  •  the act of doing something that you enjoy but that is usually thought of as wrong or unhealthy

It’s often associated with over-eating, letting yourself off for bad behaviour, putting yourself first. It’s also associated with feelings of guilt and egotism.

I wonder if you focused on the benefits of coaching for a moment.

Time to focus and create a plan for your work or business and ensure that any obstacles in the way are addressed.  An opportunity to improve skills, be they communication, management or leadership. A chance to work out how you could work more effectively and therefore waste less time and money.

The same dictionary defines investment as

  • the act of putting out money in order to gain a profit

Most would consider spending money in order to gain a profit a good thing.  Coaching enables you to identify the results you want and quickly make them a reality. As Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Inviting the input of an experienced coach can break the pattern and help you change the script, bringing you different results.

I used to consider coaching an indulgence.  I got very frustrated in my business before resorting to working with a coach. We so often get in our own way and therefore in the way of our own business success. I quickly came to see coaching as an investment when I noticed how I began to change the way I did things.

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