Coaching for change

Time to change the script?

What script am I talking about?

Have you noticed what the script inside your head is saying? You may never have actually noticed it – and you’re not alone in that.  But if you struggle with confidence, stepping out of your comfort zone, constantly beat yourself up, getting frustrated, not achieving your full potential, then it might be time for you to tune in to the script, the inner voice, and see what it’s staying and whether it’s actually useful.

The script that runs inside your head can influence everything you do, think, how you feel, how confident you are.  Sometimes it’s quiet and in the background, sometimes it gets really loud and makes it hard to think straight.  We all have it.  Many don’t realise it’s there, don’t hear it, others notice and some manage to challenge it and make changes. Read on to find out what we can do about it or listen to it here.

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Coaching and the saboteur

Saboteur: a person who deliberately destroys or obstructs something.

Know one of these at work? Many of us do or have done.  They’re the ones that react negatively to your ideas and suggestions, they generally have a cynical quip to put you down and enjoy reminding you of your failures and weaknesses. They may not be openly doing this but the effect that have, however they go about it, will be that.

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