As well as coaching individuals, I work with teams using the same techniques and tools to help guide teams towards clarity, focus and ease. Sometimes a team hits a bump in the road, be it with communication, misunderstandings, pulling in too many directions. Taking time together to discuss priorities, thoughts and a way forward can open up the road again and set the direction.

It might be down to a change in leadership, lots of new team members or a host of other reasons. Having a non judgmental coach in the room to facilitate thinking and guide towards a constructive outcome can make all the difference.

Team coaching helps them feel heard

Too often I hear teams saying they don’t feel heard. Their feedback or suggestions are not being listened to and they feel disempowered and frustrated. I usually arrange a workshops with just the team to hear what their thoughts are (keeping it all constructive) and then work with them on ways to feedback to their line managers. This clears the air, helps their managers feel less defensive and guides them to frame their comments in a positive way that will enable them to move forward.

Communication is key

If a team is feeling unmotivated or frustrated, sometimes their line manager will avoid speaking about this as they’re afraid of opening a can of worms. With an impartial person in the room, communication can be more open, more constructive and everyone can be honest in working towards a common outcome. Pretending it’s not happening is not the best way to deal with it!

Rapidly growing teams need to keep talking

When there’s lots of momentum and change, some can feel left behind. Roles can change and everyone needs to be clear about what their responsibilities are and how they fit in. Team coaching can help with this.

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