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I came to Catrin because I had a dream and no idea how to turn it into 
I work in corporate, and this is the life I know, so the idea of setting up a
coaching practice was both scary and a bit surreal to me. 
Discussing with Catrin, and being exposed to how a business owner thinks, 
helped me understand that many of the things I learned in my job about 
strategy, customer first and focus on value can be successfully applied to 
building a business. 

Like every change – it is painful but most of the time, 
It leads to something better.  A. Trandaf. Women in Tech Leadership Coach.

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Coaching is hugely satisfying. It is a true privilege to be trusted by others and be able to add real value to the thoughts, behaviours and beliefs of those we work with, sharing insights, tools, techniques that we have learnt along the way on our own coaching journey. I have been working as a coach for over 15 years, with businesses and organisations and have gained a lot of insight into how it works. Many recently trained coaches have approached me for advice on setting up and as a result I decided to design a group course which looks at all aspects of establishing and maintaining a successful coaching business.

Are you frustrated with how your coaching practice is going?

I get it. You’re a trained coach and now you need to make a living. But how to you get the clients?

Far too many people have trained as coaches only to find that it’s really hard to make enough money and end up having to do something else. You CAN make a living and I’m happy to share my experience of what works and what doesn’t.

These online masterclasses share everything I’ve learnt and will help you work out a plan to make a go of it. Small groups, plenty of Q and A opportunity. With the option of signing up to 1:1 coaching sessions with me to ensure you’re held accountable.

Save yourself time and money and accelerate your coaching business.

COACH SUCCESS: Online Coaching Programme for coaches – I share all that I know from 15 years working as a coach. Click below to read more.

COACH SUCCESS WITH 1:1: Online Coaching Programme for coaches with bespoke 1:1 coaching for extra insights, advice & accountability support.



marketing, USP, ideal client, social media, content, what works for you, developing the business plan

admin, agreements, contracting, company structure, tax, VAT, finance, pricing, programme costs

discovery calls, tenders, collaboration, identifying and addressing blocks, weaknesses

Training, accreditation, membership.

Small groups. A powerful way to focus on the business side of coaching.

Business coaching for coaches

I started working with other coaches a few years ago and realise that business coaching can be extremely useful for other coaches, especially those who’ve come into coaching with no business background. It’s not just about coaching others, and keeping up with professional development, it’s all about having all the business processes in place as well as marketing, negotiating, creating successful programmes and having the confidence to get out there and promote yourself as a coach. It’s about being the best coach you can be, having integrity and creating a business.

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If you’re a coach

You might be an excellent coach, but may not be working with the people you want to work with, or be unclear on your niche or offering. You might need help with focusing on your ideal client, how to find them, let them know about your existence. Or you might be wondering whether a website is important, or whether you need to be on social media. I work with coaches who want clarity on how they’re going to work, with whom and work out what might get in the way. They need support with confidence and accountability as they feel they’ve been procrastinating for long enough.

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