Coaching for clarity and focus, identifying and addressing obstacles and blocks

As a senior person in an organisation, you will have responsibilities and duties that need to be met.  Being in a good state of mind, clear about your priorities and able to focus your effort in an effective way is imperative for an organisation to succeed and for people to thrive.  You need to thrive too and having a heavy workload doesn’t always make this easy.

I cherish our coaching sessions, so I am not looking forward to the last one. I don’t open my heart to anyone, your listening and advice is invaluable.

IT Head. Preferred to remain anonymous.

Taking time to discuss where you are, where you’d like to be and how you will get there enables you to feel clearer and less encumbered.  Relationships can be a challenge and gaining another perspective can be enormously helpful. Working with an external executive coach brings you the support and non judgemental sounding board that can open up your thinking and help you regain control.

I work with people in all types of organisations ( tech, sustainability, government, legal, finance, construction, education, NHS, public sector etc) and observe so many commonalities in the challenges faced on a daily basis. From the intricacies of successfully managing a team and relationships within to reporting to the board and managing upwards. All this can be stressful when facing a large daily workload in addition. Stress, burnout, loss of motivation are just a few of the results of losing perspective and feeling overwhelmed. This in turn can affect the energy in the workplace and adversely affect productivity, relationships and commitment.

Coaching for new managers

New managers deserve the best start they can get.  They’re going from being part of a team to managing, from doing the job to overseeing it.  This can present a number of challenges and coaching can help them address these. Communication styles may need to be adapted to get the best out of people, productivity may need to be considered to ensure they don’t get bogged down in the detail. A coach can help to boost confidence and bring a focus on what’s important.

(after one coaching session) I felt noticeably more personable and relaxed, with less worrying and overthinking (still some, but significantly better)

Leader in development, engineering

Training for managers

From these observations, I have designed a workshop to both refresh current management behaviours and  support new managers.  Having both in the room is hugely beneficial where best practice can be shared and ideas harnessed.  If you’d like to know about this interactive workshop, get in touch, or read more here about management workshops.

There were several times when you asked a question that helped me stop and think of something in a different light. I think these things were particularly helpful.

Jonathan, IT manager

As Einstein said, if you do the same thing over and over you’ll get the same results and coaching acts as a catalyst to encourage a change in thinking and behaviour.

Business coaching and executive coaching were shown to be the most “effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, group and organisation ” according to HR Monthly.

I work as an executive coach in organisations in Bristol, the South West, Wales and London as well as the UK in general via Zoom.

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