Feel like you’re ready to find clarity through coaching?

If you decide to work with me as your coach / mentor, then we will work together to get clear on outcomes and formulate a plan. We will identify any areas of challenge and find ways of overcoming them with tools and techniques from a broad range of learnings and practical advice from my years of experience as a business director and qualified executive coach.

Confidential and non-judgmental

Having a confidential, non judgmental sounding board means you can speak about topics you perhaps might not feel confident discussing with others. Through coaching, you explore ideas and ways to feel more in control. You will find ways of feeling less stressed and find communication and your ability to influence is increased. Coaching can help you consider and change so many aspects of behaviours and thoughts as well as gain a new perspective. Whilst it can be challenging and you’ll be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone, you will also find it fascinating and enjoyable as you find your new found clarity, confidence, focus and vision.

Many people I work with comment how refreshing it is to have the space to think, make sense and plan and perhaps. more importantly, be listened to without pressure or judgment. It’s an investment worth making for your professional and personal development.

“I recommend her wholeheartedly, an exceptional coach”

S.C author, speaker, director.

Want to find out more about working with me as your coach and mentor?

Email me or call 07785 996917 to arrange a call where we can discuss what you’re looking for. I’ll then put together a short proposal with costs and a description of how I think we could best work together. You can take your time to consider this and we can then discuss if you want to start.

Generally I recommend a coaching programme, as a one off meeting can be powerful but results may not last as habits are hard to change! However, for specific decision making dilemmas, ad hoc sessions can be useful.

Kevin Meredith, Head of Sales, Vista Retail

My peers have noticed (my change in behaviour / mindset) which has given me a lot more confidence when voicing my opinions.

Catrin has taught me ways of changing my mindset at Board meetings and to feel I belonged and no longer fear them.