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Decision making: are you finding it hard?

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Decision Making Coach

I often get approached to help people with decision making. There might be one big decision which feels insurmountable.  It feels like getting this wrong will ruin everything and there is a feeling of paralysis and panic. Or an individual feels like they made a bad decision, the consequences were negative and they feel judged and lose their confidence. I also get approached by people who feel any sort of decision feels challenging and takes so much headspace that they’re not able to do anything else and get stuck.

We are making decisions on a daily basis. From what to eat for breakfast, something most of us do automatically, to the big business affecting ones.  Having a growth mindset and believing you’ll find a way helps.  So does a good amount of research in to pros and cons (but not an obsessive amount). A feeling of self confidence and faith in ones own abilities must kick in as well as the realisation that you can only do your best.

Stress doesn’t help

On a good day, when work is going well, you may find decision making comes naturally and without a problem.  But what about when you’re faced with the bigger decisions and you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Or there’s too much going on? Or you’re having a crisis of confidence and you know you need to make a decision, but you just cannot see anything clearly. You might like to read this article on stress and decision making from Psychology Today.

Coaching brings another perspective

Coaching can help you find the clarity needed for good quality decision making. Using questioning techniques, your coach will firstly help you relax so that you’re in a better frame of mind.  Then you can calmly work thought scenarios – some you may have already thought about and many that perhaps you hadn’t. Then you can consider the impact of the decisions as well as the consequences on you, your family, colleagues or staff and the business. Working with a coach provides a non judgmental sounding board, a critical friend, where all thoughts and discussions are confidential and an opportunity for you to explore your options and ideas.

There may be things you haven’t thought of yet

You can list your options, and figure out pros and cons.  Your coach will challenge you to think a little further and perhaps challenge you on some options that you discounted too quickly. Coaching can help you thoroughly explore what you want and don’t want and come to a clear, well balanced decision that you feel confident about.

Coaching provides an opportunity for you to work through ideas without fear of criticism or judgement, so that all bases are explored.

Taking time out to really work out what is right, to invest time in decision making is so important and can take away anxiety and worry about what will happen if….

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