Catrin Mac coaching and facilitation

She is hugely skilful and able to ask insightful questions to help bring clarity of thought to complex business issues and relationships. This clarity of thought has enabled focused actions on my part, which have in turn led to amazing business results.

B.COSH, Entrepreneur, angel Investor
Executive coach for organisations

Executive & Business Coaching

Bringing clarity to complex issues

If you can gain insights and techniques to change aspects of your thinking and behaviours, you can motivate others, set boundaries, delegate, reduce disagreements and conflict. This clarity in turn brings the confidence and focus to prioritise as well as the ability to cut through the noise and make good decisions.

All my work is confidential. I work with leaders and managers as well as entrepreneurial founders who appreciate the level of both support, challenge, idea generation and accountability that coaching offers. Read testimonials.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss coaching, email me or call 07785 996917.

Perceptive, emotionally intelligent and clearly very experienced in business. Catrin is relatable, challenging and an enabler.  At the absolute top of her game! 

GAVIN REES, Operations & Technical Director
Facilitator and executive coach

Training, facilitation and workshops for teams

‘Catrin MacDonnell has been a great asset to Academi Wales over the last 3 years. Commissioned to deliver training and development for managers and leaders from across the public sector in Wales, Catrin has brought her considerable knowledge and expertise to masterclass sessions on the power of listening, coaching and behavioural development. Always organised, flexible and focused in her delivery, Catrin has consistently scored over 95%, excellent, on evaluation by the Academi Wales learners. Its been a pleasure to work with Catrin who puts people at the heart of her development approach’

Zoe Sweet, previous Academi Wales.

Relevant, engaging delivery and content that participants enjoy with a focus on taking away the learning for lasting change. As an ex-teacher I enjoy engaging with teams and enabling them to contribute and generate ideas. I’ve designed and facilitated workshops for leaders and emerging leaders in NHS Wales, government, memberships organisations, recruiters, banks, higher education, consultancies, ethical investment companies etc.

Much of my work is about communication. How to communicate better, reduce misunderstanding, improve relationships as well as addressing how we communicate with ourselves – the inner narrative that can hold us back.

  • difficult conversations and conflict / facilitating conversations
  • confidence & imposter phenomenon
  • management skills – creating teams that thrive
  • coaching approaches and skills
  • delegation & boundaries / life & work
  • decision making & planning
  • listening rapport building, gravitas & influence
  • entrepreneurial thinking and growth
  • Coaching skills and development

I can facilitate workshops online or face to face. I work hard to make them interesting and relevant and above all enjoyable, as we’re so much more likely to want to learn if we’re enjoying it!

I’ve loved our sessions together! They’ve been so valuable and you’ve taught me so much so a huge thank you.

Anon. Government Department.

I have started looking at things from other people’s perspectives more

Learning to reframe and how to deal with awkward conversations – so useful!

Business Ease for new coaches

Many newly trained coaches have approached me for coaching on setting up and maintaining a successful coaching business. As a result, I have started offering training for coaches.

I came to Catrin because I had a dream and no idea how to turn it into reality. I work in corporate, and this is the life I know, 9-5 office hours. This is what people around me do, so the idea of setting up a coaching practice was both scary and a bit surreal to me. Discussing with Catrin, and being exposed to how a business owner thinks, helped me understand that many of the things I learned in my job about strategy, customer first and focus on value can be successfully applied to building a business. I know it’s still a long way, and like every change – it is painful but most of the times leads to something better. 

A Trandaf, Women in Tech leadership coach

Sustainability & Charity

Sustainability and respect for the environment is important. So important that I founded a sustainable, natural perfume company as I felt uncomfortable about the way things are done in the beauty industry.

I also believe in treating everyone with respect. Everybody deserves a second chance and I am Chair of The Key Unlock Potential, a start up charity in Bristol opening a cafe to provide work experience and work place skills to reduce reoffending.

Email me or call me on 07785 996917 for a chat about coaching or training.