Catrin MacDonnell coach

Leadership & Business Coach & facilitator – About me

Good listener

As a coach I realise listening is highly underrated. When were you last able to speak, order your thoughts and analyse challenges without interruption? Then we unpick and make sense, coming out with a firm plan for the changes needed.

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What do I do as a coach?

I work with people to find clarity around what they want. I help them identify what’s holding them back and find ways of overcoming obstacles and finding ease in all that they do. I’ve worked with so many brilliant people, gaining invaluable insight which I can share to help others thrive in work and life. Coaching can help people feel liberated, clearer, more positive and move out of feeling stuck and indecisive to confident and courageous. This can have transformative results, bringing clarity to decision making and success to all aspects of work and life.

What else do I do?

I am and experienced, qualified leadership, executive and business coach. As well as being a coach, I am co-founder & director of Papadeli (est. 2002) and start up Jones and Modha, so I have a good amount of business knowledge and experience. Before that I worked in TV & documentary making, education and marketing in the private and public sector.

I was selected as one of 100 top female entrepreneurs in the #ialso Small Business Britain Campaign and contribute to Government round table discussions on business and enterprise.

Who have I worked with?

All sorts of people. Entrepreneurs who are starting their business journey, scaling up or growing as well as established organisations. CEOs and those on the board looking for gravitas, a new approach, clarity on decision making or better communication. Managers – both newly promoted and ones who are looking for confidence, ways to influence, communicate and manage workload effectively. Finding ways of thinking more strategically, being less hands on. I work with many on decision making and leadership skills to bring that elusive ease to challenging projects.

They’ve been in all sorts of sectors; sustainability, retail, food, health, finance, tech and IT, creative, design, health & medicine, banks, UK and Welsh government. My work is all confidential – not everyone is comfortable giving a public testimonial, but I have a few here to give you an idea.

I design and facilitate training workshops

I have designed and facilitated workshops for the UK and Welsh government, consultancies, retail, finance companies, third sector, universities. As a coach, I run them with the firm belief that everyone has knowledge and experience and work at bringing out this knowledge. I research extensively, introduce topics and tools and open it up for comment and experience sharing. This is by far the best way for gaining lasting learning, encouraging teams to be accountable and continue the changes back in the business.

Topics range from better communication, management skills, managing conflict & challenging conversations and feedback delivery, coaching and listening techniques, decision making.

If you want to know more, give me a ring on 07785 996917 or email me

Am I qualified?

I have an advanced certificate in Executive Coaching from Human Technics and the University of the West of England’s business school. (ILM level 5)

I have studied positive psychology and am a resilience practitioner and love learning about new coaching styles, ways of working and theory in the world of people. As a member of The Critical Coaching Group, run by Middlesex University I enjoy keeping up with the lates theories and practices.

I am part of a coaching supervision group and am insured.

Business mentoring & advising

As an experienced business director and owner, I also work with business owners as a mentor to help them find ways to be less relied on by the business, find work life balance, develop marketing ideas and strategies, communicate better with staff and customers, identify ways of increasing profit. It can be lonely being the owner and having a trusted business mentor can help with so many aspects of day to day business. I often take part in roundtable business events at Government level and am an Enterprise Nation adviser member.

Sustainability and volunteering

I do my very best to tread lightly. I’m acutely aware of my responsibility to respect my environment and started a sustainable perfume company as I felt so strongly about the beauty industry and its effects. I believe strongly in equality and treating everybody with respect. I am for giving everyone a second chance and am Chair of The Key: Unlock Potential, a start charity in Bristol aiming to reduce reoffending through gaining work experience and skill.

Psychologies magazine & coaching podcasts

I have contributed to articles in Psychologies magazine on subjects such as avoiding burnout and boundary setting and have a coaching podcast which you can listen to here.

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” 

Leonardo da Vinci