Training & facilitation for businesses and organisations

Time is precious and attending a course is something that needs to be thought about carefully.  Will it be interesting, relevant, will the learning be long lasting or will it all be forgotten as soon as you hit your desk? With all this in mind, I design training that is based on the experience of the many leaders and managers and teams that I have worked with as a coach. I observe what has worked (and what hasn’t). I make them interactive, as I know that sitting listening to someone talk at the front for a few hours isn’t the best way to embed learning or change behaviours.  I also believe strongly that everyone in the room has a lot of experience and valuable contributions, which I encourage through facilitation.

People I’ve worked with

As a former teacher, I understand how learning happens.  I have developed and delivered training for many SMEs on subjects from management skills to communication (including conflict and difficult conversations) and coaching. I have also delivered training for larger organisations including the Welsh and UK Government, banks, and the public sector on entrepreneurial thinking and better communication (including listening skills, difficult conversations, management tools and techniques and coaching skills).


Sometimes, inviting a non-judgmental, impartial facilitator to the session helps bring out thoughts and ideas that might not otherwise be offered. Whether it’s a session to look at vision or mission, processes and systems, how to communicate better, a team will often feel more confident to speak up with the right facilitator.

Things not working quite as you’d like?

Sometimes, running a session with the team to find out what’s really going on can transform things.  They know you care and want to improve the situation and are usually willing to speak honestly and put a plan together to suggest ways to turn things round. Having a facilitator in the room can open up the thinking and keep the tone constructive.

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