Coaching with Catrin Mac

I love coaching and listening to people’s stories. What’s worked, what hasn’t, the challenges and bumps in the road. I saw the power of coaching when I worked with a coach myself when we set up Papadeli 20 years ago. It highlighted to me how taking a step back and assessing the situation, the way things are being done, and asking whether there could be changes, improvements, tweaks in my thinking or behaviour, could transform results.

Before Papadeli, I worked in marketing, communications, media and education.

I trained as an Executive Coach with The Bristol Business School at The University of the West of England and Human Technics shortly after and have been working with leaders, managers and teams in organisation and business (as well as still being part of Papadeli ).

I also love learning and have continued to do so with courses in Positive Psychology, a certificate as a Resilience Practitioner, reading widely into psychology, NLP, human behaviour, therapy. I am a member of the Critical Coaching Group, which meets regularly with speakers from the coaching world.

I have also completed a course in Mediation and Conflict Management with Ecole Superieure de Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC) and work with clients where communication is challenging or there is relationship breakdown by facilitating conversations and agreeing next steps.

I also work as a facilitator for aspiring CEOs in the NHS as we as facilitating bespoke training for many organisations.

People I work with

I work as a coach and facilitator for a wide range of clients, from government departments to creatives (gaming, marketing, film, engineering and design), NHS, ethical finance, insurance, higher education, retail, hospitality. What everyone has in common is that they want to find different and better ways of doing things, communicating, influencing, leading, managing. Soon after beginning to work as a coach, I was asked to work with their teams, as they realised that communicating changes and encouraging different approaches, honing skills can mean they all move in the same direction.

How I work

First I find out about you, with a free session to discuss what has brought you to coaching or asking me to facilitate team training. These meetings are clearly confidential. From this I send you a short outline of how we could work together and how much it will cost. Often I suggest two or three bespoke programmes and we can discuss which might work best.

If coaching is for a staff member, I suggest a meeting once we begin with the manager or leader too, to agree outcomes, understand how they will be supported, with a debrief meeting at the end to talk about what worked, any observed changes and how they will be supported from then on. This means there is lasting change as teams do best when they work together.

I am friendly and approachable, and want the best for you, so will challenge and hold you accountable.

Charitable work

I am chair of The Key : Unlock Potential in Bristol. We have fundraised and been granted planning to transform a building on Gloucester Rd into a cafe that will offer paid work and training for people who live in prison, being released on temporary licence as well as those who have recently left prison. We hope this training will help reduce the cycle of reoffending by offering new skills, CV building, and hopefully help the participants grow in confidence.

Ready to talk?

Email me or call me 07785 996917. We’ll arrange a call or meeting to discuss your thoughts and requirements which I will follow up with a quote and suggestion of how we might work together.

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