managing people

9 tips to make sense of managing people

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You might find this useful if you’re a business owner managing people, have responsibility for managing teams as well as if you’re part of a team and want to get the most out of others and yourself. Working with people is rarely straightforward – and at times it can get downright puzzling, frustrating and infuriating even. That said, team work can be inspiring, a great opportunity for learning, for creating an energy that moves the project or business forward and let’s face it being part of a team can be really enjoyable.

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coaching for business owners

What it’s like working with a coach

Are you wondering if working with a coach might help? You might feel stuck, need new ideas, a different perspective, new tools but want to know more about coaching before you approach one.

Working with a coach can be transformative – but it’s hard to decide to go ahead if you don’t know what it involves. I can share my own experience of working with a coach. About 20 years ago, I was working in and running Papadeli in Bristol with my husband Simon. I had been to the US on an entrepreneurial/ business growth training course at Babson College, sponsored by the UK government and was offered business coaching when I returned. I knew nothing about coaching. I was busy with Papadeli and 2 very small sons. I didn’t really have time to look into coaching and find a coach, let along give up the time to actually meet with one regularly. I dismissed the idea at first, but something kept on telling me I needed to look into it.

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