Coaching acts as a catalyst, as an accelerator, which bring a focus to what’s important.  It is not easy to be clear about what is needed and coaching gives you the spaces to work out what you and your business / organisation needs.

You are surrounded by opinions and criticism and working with a coach provides a place where you can explore ideas without criticism, without judgement. There is not pressure to perform.  You can challenge any limiting beliefs which hold you back from being your best and your happiest.

Coaching helps you identify what is needed and put a concrete plan in place, with a clear timescale and milestones, so that you increase your chances of success.

Working with a coach is motivating and inspiring, where you can really feel like you’re moving forward, making the changes you want to gain the insight you need.  Through consideration of coaching models and strategies from positive psychology, resilience studies, creativity etc you can increase your chances of finding success.

Coaching can be face to face or via Skype.

Limiting beliefs

Are your limiting beliefs holding you back?

The human brain is amazing.  It can learn languages, identify symbols and make sense of them, solve mathematical and scientific problems, remember song lyrics from years ago. Truly an amazing thing to behold.  BUT it can also be highly simplistic.  Like when it fails to differentiate between fact and fiction. Between beliefs and reality. And that’s what I want to look at today.

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Goal setting

Goal setting for business or career

Goal setting and planning isn’t just for the New Year.  In fact, it can be hard to motivate yourself to set goals then, immediately after Christmas, when the weather can be bleak and you might be a little exhausted with everything.

Goal setting and checking in with goals can be done all year round as ensuring things are going to plan and making any tweaks necessary to make achieving what you want a lot more realistic. 

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Coaching relationships

Relationships – what to do when things get difficult

This is relevant for all types of relationships, whether in or out of work.  It’s been useful for coaching clients struggling with business partners or colleagues as well as friendships outside of work.

Relationships, especially worthwhile ones take some work. As little kids at school, we’re able to put in the work as we see each other frequently, tend to be more upfront and honest when we don’t like what they’re doing, but also when we do like what they’re doing.  Even if we fall out with them, they will be there at school the next day, so we have to make up and get on with it.

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Coaching and change

Dread difficult conversations? Think about responding differently.

Dealing with difficult conversations

We can’t control others and their behaviour.  We can only control our own behaviour and the way we respond.

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build confidence

Confidence : first tame the saboteur

From many, many coaching conversations, I hear people saying they need to feel confident, they lack the confidence needed to do what they want, live a happy life.  Gaining confidence can change everything – and so I thought another blog was in order – and this time looking at it from a slightly different angle.

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