Saying yes to everything? You should seriously stop.

Why we need to thank people for saying NO as well as YES

Are you a yes person? Do you feel that saying no might upset others? Saying yes to everything might seem like a good idea sometimes.  It can expose you to new experience, open new doors. As well as keep people happy and help you be seen as the cooperative, collaborative one in the team. But saying yes to everything can also be hugely disadvantageous. Sometimes it’s a very good idea to be more mindful and selective about saying yes automatically and start saying NO.

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Stop worrying about what others think

Worried about what people think?

Worrying about what others think can seriously affect your life and work. It can hold you back from speaking up at meetings for fear of getting it wrong and being criticised or judged, prevent you from trying anything new or even wearing what you want.

Do you find yourself worrying about what people think? It can be so paralysing and affect much of our decision making and really negative impact our lives. Read on to find out more about this and what you can do.

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