Think differently – and get different results! If we continue to do the same things in the same way, we are likely to get the same results.  Einstein apparently said something along these lines and he was absolutely right.

It’s too easy to stay within our comfort zone and do the same over and over.  There often comes a time when we become frustrated with the status quo but we are so far entrenched in our habits or repetition, of sticking to what we know, we cannot break out of it. This is where we need to think differently.

Think differently – try something new.

Ask yourself what someone else might do, what might your future self do, what might a competitor do?

There are so many possibilities but in the day to day of business and stress, it’s not always easy to identify them,  This is where coaching comes in extremely useful! Getting a view from the outside, and external, non judgmental perspective, can encourage you to think differently, try new ways and start seeing the change you’d like.

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Is being emotionally aware wearing you out?

Can being too emotionally aware paralyse decision making?

Psychology Today describes emotional awareness as “including the ability to identify your own emotions and those of others”. Basically, if you want to be a great manager or leader, you will be advised to be an expert in self awareness. Read more

Networking – are you clear about your message?

What will you say?

Whatever your reason for networking, whether you’re a lawyer looking to make connections for business or referrals, a business owner raising your company profile or a sole trader wanting more customers, it’s essential to be clear about what your will say to others at a networking event. Read more

Coaching – an indulgence or investment?

Have you considered coaching as a tool

to bring focus and accelerate the process of getting where you want to be? Has the fact that it takes time and money put you off? Then you might consider hiring a coach to be an indulgence.  Read more

A balanced diet is important and so is a balanced life

Finding balance

Most of us understand the idea of a balanced diet.  Plenty of fruit and vegetables, some protein, some carbohydrates, some (of the right) fat. We must drink plenty of water to keep ourselves hydrated. Then it’s ok to treat ourselves occasionally to something sweet, salty or a glass of wine or two.  All this works even better with regular exercise.  Not necessarily a marathon a week, but daily walks, swims or whatever we enjoy. We know that sitting at a desk all day is bad and so is driving everywhere.

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Do you need to change your script?


I sometimes think of the human mind as a computer.  We input data ourselves and so do lots of other people.  From childhood we are making sense of things in our own way and inputting these theories.  We’re also learning and listening to others who contribute their theories and beliefs.  All this forms our attitudes and behaviours and creates a script.  This script governs how we see ourselves and how we perceive others. Read more