Think differently – and get different results! If we continue to do the same things in the same way, we are likely to get the same results.  Einstein apparently said something along these lines and he was absolutely right.

It’s too easy to stay within our comfort zone and do the same over and over.  There often comes a time when we become frustrated with the status quo but we are so far entrenched in our habits or repetition, of sticking to what we know, we cannot break out of it. This is where we need to think differently.

Think differently – try something new.

Ask yourself what someone else might do, what might your future self do, what might a competitor do?

There are so many possibilities but in the day to day of business and stress, it’s not always easy to identify them,  This is where coaching comes in extremely useful! Getting a view from the outside, and external, non judgmental perspective, can encourage you to think differently, try new ways and start seeing the change you’d like.

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Delegation – what gets in the way

What is it about delegation?

Delegation has so many benefits and is a vital part of effective working, so why do we have such trouble doing it?

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Building Resilience Skills

 Resilience = the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties

When we face difficult situations, whether at home or at work, it’s useful to have a toolbox of strategies that we can turn to.  Resilience is something that we can get good at with practise, and by ensuring we use these tools regularly, we will notice that we can cope better when life throws a curveball.

Resilience skills are vital for building a sustainable workforce and business and  by learning tools to support you and your team, you can make an enormous difference.

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Managing people

Strategies for managing people

The secret to getting better results out of others is about managing yourself better – and I realise this works in all aspects of life

A course participant left me this feedback recently after completing the “MANTRA – manage well” course.  It is such a perfect summary of what managing people is all about, that I now use it frequently to get across what we cover on the course.

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What’s the AIM of this?

Cull those tasks that don’t align

When coaching and training, I so often see clients struggling to bring focus to what they’re doing and finding their workload stressful. Asking what the aim is of all the work and the mountain of tasks and meetings, makes a huge difference – see what you think.

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Are you holding yourself back?

Are your beliefs limiting your potential?

Coaching is all about seeing things from another perspective. Most people develop a pattern of behaviours that remains largely unchanged for much of their life. These patterns are usually formed during childhood and early adulthood, where we are learning about the world and people. These patterns also contribute to our beliefs and how we see ourselves and others. Some of these beliefs can be negative and limit our potential to do many things, including being confident, successful and even happy. Read more