Marketing – what does your office look like?

First impressions…

When I work with businesses to create a strong marketing strategy, people often think immediately of leaflets, ads in magazines and newspapers, maybe a bit of twitter and other forms of social media.  Very few businesses realise that marketing encompasses everything about their business – from the way they answer the phone and treat customers, to what their office looks like.  It’s not so relevant for a business that never meets clients at the office, but for those who do, first impressions really do count.

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The Sedona Method – personal growth book reviewed

Self help books – can you do it yourself?

There are so many self help books out there.  From strategies for assertiveness to how to get the job you want and being successful, there is a book that claims to help you to do it.  As a business coach and life coach, I decided it would be interesting to read some of them and see how effective they can be.

So, following a visit to my local Charity book shop – which has several shelves of used self help books, I set about my self help book project.  I did wonder why so many of these books are given to charity shops – some of them hardly used… is it that the happy readers have now improved their lives and relationships and have generously chosen to pass on the key to their success, or is it that they have bought the book with all the best intentions and found it, months later on a shelf, realising they may never do anything with it, and had a clear out?!
The Sedona Method is a strategy for getting rid “of your emotional baggage and live the life you want”.  Hale Dwoskin the author, learned his craft some thirty years ago, from Lester Levenson “a man who had mastered life’s greatest challenge”. He suffered from serious health problems and the doctors had given up on him.  Instead of giving up himself, Lester focused his mind and  came across “the ultimate tool for personal growth” which was a strategy for “letting go all inner limitations”.  The Sedona Method builds on this and encourages readers to “release”  or “let go” of all negativity and all tendencies to control others.

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Self help books and coaching

Do they work?

As a personal development and business coach, I realise the power of self improvement and personal development.  With the right focus and desire for change, we can alter the way we are. live and work. There are so many self help books out there and a few new ones appear every day.  There must be a lot of people reading them.  Or are they like cookery books – we buy one, flick through it and put it on the shelf for later? 

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