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We all need space and time to change the way we do things sometimes.  You may want to improve morale,  create better systems, work out why things aren’t going how you’d planned, or make some important decisions that will transform your business or team.

Coach as sounding board and critical friend

Doing this alone is a hard slog.  Working with a coach provides a sounding board, a critical friend which enables you to work through what works, what doesn’t and create a clear plan for your business. It’s not always easy to discuss with staff, colleagues or friends. Coaching is a process of discussions which lead to clear plans for action.  There is no judgment and all is confidential.

So many people think about making the changes necessary, but never do anything about it.  If you do nothing, little changes.

Why not accelerate the pace and put in place the actions needed to transform your business and people?

I am an experienced, fully qualified coach (Bristol Business School) with my own successful business and specialise in effective communication, people management and resilience. I work with SMEs* of all types who want to grow, senior executives in all sorts of organisations from private (sustainability, energy, finance, property, retail, legal) to public sector and not for profits.

When you experience the results, you’ll be glad you went for it!

If you’d like to discuss how you, your business or organisation could benefit from coaching, please email or call 07785 996917.

*I have worked with many businesses to grow sales and increase profit as well as train leaders and managers in a wide variety of fields including retail, property development, marketing & creative agencies, wealth management, recruitment, food,  waste consultancies etc.

Training for your team

Too many training courses are delivered with little lasting effect.  We design creative, interesting, original material that creates changes to behaviour and thinking that lasts back in the workplace.

  • Managing MANTRA – enhancing people management skills and reducing stress for managers
  • Clear communication – strong communication skills are pivotal to establishing strong relationships
  • Creative thinking – our work patterns often don’t allow for any original thinking!
  • Resilience boost – strategies for your teams to take the knocks & move on
  • Clarity day – to ensure your team is clear on purpose – when was the last time you did this?
  • Coaching skills – improve listening skills, identify goals and planning, gaining perspectives

Delivered in a facilitative, coaching style, courses are designed to work with the knowledge in the room and encourages the sharing of individual experiences and best practice, which in turns promotes engagement and buy in.

Please click here to see more information on courses.

Contact me to discuss a coaching or training programme.  All my work is confidential and as a professionally trained and accredited coach, I am a member of a coaching supervision group, adhere to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council code of ethics and am fully insured. I ensure I keep up with developments in the theory and application of coaching through CPD, as required by the EMCC.

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Want to know more about working with a coach?

If you are looking for coaching or want to know more about training for your team, email me with an outline of what you’re looking for and any questions that you may have.

You may have reservations about speaking to a coach.  Perhaps you think it will be like therapy.  It’s not. Perhaps you think you will have to do things you don’t want to? You won’t – you’re in charge.   Consider how changing some aspects of how you do things could transform you and your work or business. Coaching does often invite you to step out of your comfort zone, but you’ll be glad you did.

Ask yourself what you might do if you weren’t afraid.

I look forward to hearing from you.

info@catrinmacdonnell.co.uk 07785 996917.

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I read a lot of books, attend a number of workshops in the world of coaching, positive psychology, resilience, business growth etc.  I also observe what works for clients and what doesn’t.  I write about what I’ve learnt, in the hope that it might be useful for you.  I hope you like what I write.  If you don’t, you can always unsubscribe – I won’t be offended!

Coaching for leaders & senior executives

When you’re at the top, getting an honest view from the outside can be a challenge. A Managing Director of a large media firm said recently “you’re the only one I can tell this to”. Gain an outside perspective to bring clarity, reduce stress and enable you to make better decisions. Few successful people are without a coach who acts as a sounding board where you can discuss confidentially your plans.

Boost your business with coaching

As a growing business, you may want to consolidate and consider your next move.  Working with a business coach will help you identify what you want for the business and what you need to make that happen.  Growth is so much more successful if you have a clear plan, and can ensure staff are clear about the plan, too. Coaching is an investment that is worth making, saving you time and money in the longer term.

Management & team training

Listening carefully to so many clients and businesses, I have designed original training modules and courses that are engaging and bring real change in thinking and behaviours.  For new managers and those who need a boost, ask about The Mantra of Management. Transform your teams with Resilience techniques and improve communication.  A course in coaching skills and language is vital for many organisations who want to improve communication and support.

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Resilience Training


Most people at some time could do with a few extra tools and techniques to boost their resilience. I recently completed a Resilience Practitioner course and am able to share my learning with organisations that appreciate the impact a more resilience workforce will have.  With increased stress, mounting distraction and ever tighter budgets and deadlines, adding resilience to the tool kit is essential.

People love learning about resilience and find it essential not only for work life but also for home life – and once learnt, the skills can be passed on to others.

Email me if you’d like to discuss how coaching for resilience can benefit your company.

Clients testimonials

Working with individuals and teams, much of my work comes through recommendations.  All of my work is confidential, but read on for testimonials where the individual has given me permission to publish.

“I have worked with Catrin over a couple of years. She is hugely skilful
and able to ask insightful questions to help bring clarity of thought to
complex business issues and relationships. This clarity of thought has
enabled focused actions on my part, which have in turn led to amazing
business results.”
Ben Cosh, Managing Director, TGC Renewables.

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