“I am not a product of my circumstances, I am a product of my decisions.”

Steven Covey

Catrin MacDonnell

Executive & Business Coach

Need to work out what’s going on and how to react?

It’s an extremely challenging and overwhelming.  For business facing unprecedented uncertainty, how can we find the agility and creativity needed to react to what we are facing?  What do our teams and staff need with such huge change and so many questions around jobs and their futures? What sort of leadership is required at times like these? How can we manage well, facing such pressure and expectation?

Working with a coach may be the last thing on your mind at the moment, but taking time to think, to regroup, to find clarity that will help plan for next steps is going to be important. It is isolating being a business leader at the best of times, but now having an ally, someone to listen and help work out strategies could be essential.

Need to create an opportunity for the future?

There are of course businesses that are suddently facing increased demand, something they may not have planned for.  There is a huge opportunity but limited time to make the most of it, to create a more long lasting effect that sets up the business for future success.

How to bring teams along in these difficult times, with different working systems and practices? How to maintain a feeling of cohesion when everyone is scattered and working from home?

The business plan needs to be reconstructed as no one could have predicted such circumstances.

If you’d like to discuss any of the above, get in touch.  I’ll hopefully help you see things with calm and clarity so that you can plan for the changes that need to happen to create a sustainable future.

Call 07785 996917 or email me.

What clients say

I have worked with clients from small and medium businesses and charities to banks (eg Barclays) and government. Clients say they benefit from this broad experience and knowledge.

My time with you has equipped with me a whole handbook of tools to support my development and wellbeing – ways of thinking, tricks to get me thinking and acting differently. I am much more consistent in my ability to keep “wellbeing” as an active part of my inner dialogue and also in my conversations with my team and manager. You’ve helped me not only to survive but to begin to thrive again


Alex AllenHead of Strategy & Governance, Sustrans

I have worked with Catrin over a couple of years. She is hugely skilful and able to ask insightful questions to help bring clarity of thought to complex business issues and relationships. This clarity of thought has enabled focused actions on my part, which have in turn led to amazing business results

Ben CoshManaging Director, TGC Renewables

We were singing your praises again today to some work colleagues and saying that you were the best decision we made this year. So thank you so much for all your help, guidance and support. Not sure how we managed before we found you

Julie LamingDirector, Planning Ventures

I had the most amazing coaching sessions with Catrin.  I don’t say this lightly but they changed my life.

Ian ElseFounder & Managing Director, 4 Financial Planning.

Catrin was quickly able to understand me and my situation, guide me and completely change the way I was thinking about things, particularly about myself. At the time, I was not really able to see my own capability or recognise what I have achieved but seemed to have slipped into a negative mindset. Her sessions on mental resilience were excellent and have stayed with me since. Very simple and insightful questions really challenged me to examine my situation and quickly enabled me to move on and progress my career in a very positive way. I still talk to anyone who will listen to me about the power of coaching and Catrin in particular

Gavin ReesConsultant

My productivity has increased significantly and this has made an impact to the strategic performance of the charity.  I have personally agreed five major corporate sponsorships and the overall financial outcome for the charity at the end of 2018 had changed from a forecasted deficit  to a surplus.

This was achieved through being consistently challenged about my self-limiting beliefs, proactively exploring options for growth and development and practicing new behaviours.

CEO, National Charity

How does coaching work? What next?

When I first approached a coach when I was running my other business, Papadeli, it was something I put off for too long.  Every day tasks and demands filled my time and it was, if I’m honest a bit intimidating the idea of approaching a coach and actually starting to make some changes.  Changes that I knew were needed, but I just kept putting them off.

If you’re thinking of working with a coach, rest assured that I won’t persuade you to sign up to anything.  It’s worth exploring what you’re looking to begin with, before making any decisions.

Once you’ve decided you want to go ahead and start a coaching programme, I’ll ask you to commit to between 3 and 9 sessions, depending on what you’re looking for. Just arranging one session can have impact, but it’s not always lasting and making the commitment to further sessions will ensure maximum impact.

Get in touch by email catrinmac@gmail.com or phone 07785 996917 for a chat about what you’re looking for.

Are you a coach feeling frustrated about marketing or setting up in business?

Have you trained as a coach and find it confusing and challenging working out the next steps for setting up your coaching business?

I have been a coach for over 10 years, working with a wide range of clients in a variety of industries and sectors.  I absolutely love what I do, but know that without a robust marketing strategy, it can be a challenge to find clients.

If you’d like to work out the type of coach you want to be and creat a plan for attracting the right clients, I have many years working in marketing (I still do for my own coaching business and other business, Papadeli) and can help you do this.

Many months / years can be wasted trying to work out the best way to make coaching work. If you’d like to accelerate the proces,  get in touch by email catrinmac@gmail.com or phone 07785 996917 to discuss what you’re looking for.