Self help books and coaching

Do they work?

As a personal development and business coach, I realise the power of self improvement and personal development.  With the right focus and desire for change, we can alter the way we are. live and work. There are so many self help books out there and a few new ones appear every day.  There must be a lot of people reading them.  Or are they like cookery books – we buy one, flick through it and put it on the shelf for later? 

Will these books change my life?

In my work as Executive and business coach, there are many occasions where a coaching tool or technique comes in useful to shift an attitude, or open up a way of thinking.  When I see clients, sometimes many months later, they often refer to the useful tip they learned, and how they regularly use it to bring their thinking back to a more positive approach.  We all slip back into bad habits of negative self talk and a handy tool can switch us back to more productive ways of behaving.

I believe everybody can change if they want to.  I have worked with clients who arrive with low self esteem, high stress levels, confusion about what they want to do in life, at work, in business. After a few coaching or mentoring sessions and some carefully posed questions to challenge scripts that they have adopted, I see an enormous difference.  First the “problem” must be identified, then the pattern must be interrupted.  We can do this with coaching tools and techniques, but they must be practised regularly, so they become the new, more positive pattern.

So, simply by reading a number of self help books, can we change our attitudes and behaviours? Is it really that easy?

My local British Heart Foundation charity shop stocks lots of self help books (as well as many other wonderful novels & children’s book – great place to recycle books!).  I wonder if those who donated these self help books felt they were sufficiently changed and had reached the successful life they wanted, and wanted to “pass it on”, or had they been bought, left on a shelf, then recycled?

I decided to buy a few and research whether they indeed would enable me to “live the life I want” (The Sedona Method, Hale Dwoskin).

So I will begin with The Sedona Method “How to get rid of emotional baggage and live the life you want”, by Hale Dwoskin, and see where that takes me.

Watch this space – I will pass on any useful tips and hopefully summarise the contents for you!