Want more customers?

Training and coaching

Practical marketing consultancy for idea generation and better communications

I provide consultancy to businesses and professional service providers who want increase their client or customer base.  We identify their target market and where they want to be over the next five years and devise a plan of what they will do to get there. I listen carefully, make suggestions, work out what’s getting in the way of growth and use challenge and support in equal measure to ensure they are clear about their growth plans. The idea is to craft a marketing plan that they can then take away and implement themselves, so it has to be realistic and practical.  I often train staff also so that they are all “on board”.

Traditional marketing and social media

Communications and marketing are changing constantly.  Social media works successfully if planned properly, but it isn’t always enough.  To be successful, it takes a mix of marketing tools that are right for your business, from traditional forms such as events and leaflets to more innovative ways using digital marketing.  Add SEO (search engine optimisation) and many find it all too confusing! First I start by asking what you want from marketing,  Who is your ideal client or customer, what would be a successful outcome? Then it’s possible to put a plan together that can be implemented.

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The right mindset

Marketing is not just about leaflets and tweeting.  Often the mindset, ability to see the bigger picture and communication skills come into play.  There’s no point trying to attract lots of new customers if your staff aren’t happy and won’t deliver the service as it should be.  Internal communication is vital as is development and training to ensure staff are able to deal with higher volume and changes in the business.

I work with law firms, energy companies, PR & media consultants and retailers amongst others on a freelance basis. I am also responsible for marketing at my other business Papadeli.