Making things happen

making things happen

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.

Leonardo da Vinci

How are you finding work and business? Is it all going to plan or are you feeling a bit stuck? You may have hit a wall in your career or with sales in your business. You may find that doing the same old is not cutting it any more.

Sometimes things don’t progress as you’d like. You might not be getting the attention or support you need for your project or business. You may be frustrated at work and dreaming of promotion or another job. You might just be a bit bored with life even. You might feel that you are not making things happen.


Inertia can be down to many things. We may not have the confidence to do what we want, we may not have found our purpose or we may be paralysed by concern about what others think (this blog might help). We might have got stuck and not realise it, but only know that things are feeling a bit frustrating.

You can choose to change things

The wonderful thing is, that we can choose what to do next. We can choose to sit back and watch things happen to others, wondering why it’s not happening to us. There’s a variety of reasons for doing this and very often it’s to do with either lack of clarity about what exactly you could do or a fear of sticking your next out and getting it wrong. If you’re feeling a bit stuck or frustrated, ask yourself what the reason is for not doing something about it. This is a very good place to start. Even better if you can sit down with a friend or someone you trust as just running through it in your mind can mean you’ll let yourself off the hook as you’ll possibly convince yourself there’s no point.

I do love the quote from Leonardo da Vince. Every time I choose to do something as opposed to nothing, I notice that things happen.

Take action – insight follows

It might mean reaching out to someone that inspires you or could help you. You might challenge yourself to arrange to meet someone who could move your project forward, or speak at an event where your ideal client will hear you. You might start a conversation with someone at an event and tell them about what you’re doing. The more you do this, the more likely others will approach you for your services or think of you when they are looking to promote.

It does take a bit of courage as not all of us like or feel comfortable doing these things. We might be consumed by a fear of failure, all too often a fear when challenged makes little sense (if you feel this is true, then my article and podcast on fear of failure might help). Even doing something small, like emailing a potential client or two can start the ball rolling. Stepping out of the familiar, out of the comfort zone can be scary, but it is definitely where things start happening.

Get out there and ‘happen to things’

Ask yourself what it is you want and what you can do to get there. Choose what you’re going to do about it and go out and ‘happen to things‘. Sticking to the ‘same old’ will get you the ‘same old’, so find a way of doing something, even something small, to start making things happen.

As a coach, I work with many people who feel stuck and frustrated. Together we work out what they want, make a plan and I hold them accountable to seeing through what they say they’ll do.

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