Life coaching & business mentoring

Time to reflect on your business with life coaching.

Whatever your job title or situation in life, you can find yourself  feeling stuck and wondering how to find your way out of the current situation.  It is always possible to find a way, but sometimes it takes someone else to work with you. As a coach and mentor, I can bring my experience listening and guiding people, without judging, to help you work out where you want to go and which steps to take.

Being in business or at the top of your game can be lonely.  Achieving perspective is vital if you are to continue in your success. A view from the outside makes an enormous difference.

Coaching is an opportunity to reflect actively on the quality of your judgement & bring clarity to your decision making.

I am non-judgmental and ask the right questions that get you thinking and stretching yourself to find a different perspective. There are lots of tools and techniques that can be explored that will help you change the way you do things and find more effective ways of working and doing business.

Coaching is not therapy – the focus is on the future – what you want, and how you’ll get there. It introduces a number of coaching tools and techniques that can be used to change patterns of behaviour and thinking for the better. It’s useful to work out the obstacles that get in the way and find out solutions and ways to address them.

I am an experienced, qualified executive, business and life coach, with my own business, Papadeli. I can provide you with a view from the outside and bring focus to your direction.

Take action now and start making changes that will make a difference to your and your business.

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