Would you like to work on your personal and professional development?

“Optimists are right.  So are pessimists.  It’s up to you to choose which you will be.”

— Harvey Mackay

Successful sports people would not be where they are without their coach. Someone to help them work on weaknesses and celebrate the strengths. Someone to help them focus, plan for an outcome and reflect on actions. The same should be true for our professional and personal performance, but sadly we so often strive to “get on with things” alone.

It is natural for all of us to reach a moment (or moments) in time where we feel we could do with some help to come unstuck.  We may not be able to clearly see a way for progression, or may be feeling that things aren’t quite right.  Working with a coach will help you unlock many of the reasons why and develop a plan to move forward with your career, business or life.

Working with Catrin gives me and my business a competitive edge.  MD, advertising

A coach will help you identify what you want

They will help you set goals and hold you accountable to achieve them.  We all make excuses or are fearful of stepping out of our comfort zone, and having a coach to guide us can really help. Life and work can suddenly become interesting and stimulating again, when you are able to feel you are really achieving what you want. A client I worked with described it as living in technicolour as opposed to in black and white.

You may feel that your communication skills need a refresh, to help you manage others and communicate what you want to achieve.  Coaching provides an external perspective, holds a mirror up, so that you can see how you are perceived and if there are any weaknesses that need addressing. You may feel that your are stagnating and could do with someone to challenge this.

Coaching can help if you feel isolated at the top

Being successful can be an isolating place and having someone who’s on your side to confide in, where conversations are confidential and non judgmental can completely transform your outlook. Speaking to friends and family is good but often they have certain expectations of you that can mean you find it difficult to try new things and approaches. A coach is there to support you, challenge you and enable you to achieve your potential and be who you want to be.

Coaching can help you feel less overwhelmed

The busier you get, the more you take on, the longer the hours, the greater the pressure. Work can feel like a spiral of tasks and demands and the thought of planning for the future can seem impossible.  You simply don’t have time.  We all know that stress and overwhelm affect our sleep, our quality of life and quality of our work, but doing something to break it can sometimes feel impossible.  Working with a coach to put together a plan to reduce overwhelm and start seeing clearly again can feel like an enormous weight is lifted.  Not only is it good for you and your health, but it’s good for those around you in your family and at work.  Don’t put it off.

Business growth coaching

If you are interested in working with a coach, get in touch by email, info@catrinmacdonnell.co.uk or call 07785 996917.  We can set up an introductory call to identify what you are looking for.  Sessions are conducted face to face or via Skype. I work with people in Bristol, the South West, Wales and London.

I look forward to coaching you!