Are you in business with your other half? Many couples come up with a brilliant idea and, just like I did, set up a business with their other half.

There are so many advantages to this – you enjoy spending time together (at least to begin with), you might have complementary skills, you understand each other (or you think you do), you can discuss business all the time (seems like a great idea), they are the best think since sliced bread (or they were at the time of setting up). And you love them! Isn’t that a recipe for success in business?

It can be.

Things can change

This is true of any business relationship. Friends, family, partners, whatever the combination, the start up can be all happiness and agreement. Add a little stress (people, financial, long hours, sales challenges), perhaps a few disagreements (you don’t like the way they speak to customers, you don’t agree with their taste in office furniture, they like the new design, you don’t) and the happy business honeymoon can deteriorate.

Act quick

Once disagreements, tensions, stress start to surface, it’s time to do something about it, before things blow out of proportion and one partner threatens to leave. Don’t let the tensions start to affect other relationships with staff and customers. It can seriously damage your business.

Consider working with a coach

I have first hand experience of working with my husband (and we’re still married 17 years later). I’ve also worked with many couples and close friends in business who have reached varying stages of despair. You may wish to work with a coach together, if the conversation is open and constructive or you may wish to work with me on your own to work out what you want and see if taking a step back can change behaviours and the way you see things.

Get in touch

Don’t put up with the mounting stress (and damage to the business) of things going wrong with your business partner. Email me or give me a call 07785 996917. All is confidential and it’s worth just sounding out how coaching might help.