Career coaching for your next senior role

Senior role? What next?

When you reach a certain level in your career or business, and either by choice or necessity need to make the next move, it’s not always simple.  You many not immediately know what you’d like to do next. And at this level, it’s crucial that you decide what you want to do, rather than simply finding your way into the next job.

You have lots of experience, you’ve spent many years honing your skills.  It would be a mistake to not take a step back and carefully consider the options.

I was recently speaking to the CEO of a large employment company.  She was considering the next move.  I asked her,

“what would you like to do?”.

She looked surprised and paused.

“I’ve never really stopped to ask myself that question”

I come across a number of talented, successful people who’ve never actually stopped to ask themselves what they would really like to do.   Many people get promoted or head hunted because they are good at something or have become known to be good something. Most of us have to be a little realistic when doing so (much as we’d like to live in the Bahamas), but this doesn’t mean simply following a route without asking any questions.

When you decide that it’s time to make the next move, or if your circumstances mean that you have to, spend some time thinking about what you like about your current job and what you don’t like.  Think about your strengths and how best you can match them to a new role. Think about location – how far will you travel? Think about size of company, or would you prefer to be self employed? Do you know someone doing that job or similar? Could you speak to them to find out more?  You will then be clearer about how to go about finding that job.  If you don’t know what you want, it’s likely others will make decisions for you. You may find yourself in another role that you don’t particularly enjoy, and with your skill set and experience, that would be a shame.

Gather as much information as possible and use your network to become informed.

Networking and working your connections

You’re unlikely to be scouring the small ads for your next job.  You will by now have a wealth of connections from your career that will be happy to help you make your next move. Get in front of them – be proactive and let them know you’re searching. Don’t be shy or modest – be honest.  Let them know what you’re looking for. Draw up a list of your contacts and ask for a meeting.  Think of colleagues that have made similar moves – ask them how they did it.


Approach consultants who can advise and assist you with your next career move.  These will be specialist recruiters who deal in executive searches in your field.  Let them know what you’re looking for. They will have placed others into similar roles and will be able to give you good quality advice.

Being clear about what you want is so important.  Being confident an having the right self belief is crucial. Make sure your mindset is positive and proactive. Remember you’re an asset to your next employer.

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