Training for your Team

Training and coaching

creative, informative training that will get you and your team thinking. Whether you want to introduce a coaching style to your work place, introduce more entrepreneurial thinking or get the team together for a vision & planning workshop (Clarity Day), training is designed to be both  interactive, engaging and have a lasting effect. Too often business leaders work hard on their own vision, but neglect to ensure those around them are in tune. With the right training, everyone will work hard to get the right message across.

Making confident managers

So many clients find managing people challenging.  Or become frustrated when their managers are not effective. I have listened carefully, noticed what works and what doesn’t, and designed a course that looks at delegation, time management, resilience, focus amongst other issues.  Get in touch to find out more.

Feedback on recent sessions:

“I am already more likely to take on difficult tasks and not hide from them”

“I learnt how to manage myself better, to reframe tasks I don’t like and deal with awkward conversations. I have definitely started looking at things from other people’s perspectives more”

“Thank you for helping me be more resilient”  “I feel refocused and more confident in my actions, words and body language in the workplace”

Vision and bringing the team together

Great for large organisations and growing businesses – this workshop looks at how clearly your vision is communicated. How much better will your business be if everyone understands what your desired outcome is and how it can best be communicated? What about finding out if your team has ideas that can enhance the vision? How should your vision be relayed to your customer? This is a great workshop for bringing teams together and working towards a common goal.

Customer journey

So many clients I work with find the challenge of managing a team frustrating and stressful. It can mean that they lose confidence in themselves and start questioning their ability.  Learning to trust in your own judgment and communicate clearly, understanding that conflict can be managed successfully and in a positive way, all go towards building a stronger people manager.

Some new to a management role, feel they need to act like they believe a manager might act, whereas having the confidence to be themselves creates a higher level of trust (and is less exhausting!).

Managing with confidence, over two mornings, finds managers leaving with a more positive perspective and an insight into how they might come across and how to better influence others.

Bring out the entrepreneur in your team

Ever thought how things might be if each individual in your team were more proactive, thought a bit more like an entrepreneur and used their initiative to suggest changes and put forward ideas? This workshop looks at how work can be more productive and enjoyable when team members are encouraged to think and act more entrepreneurially.

Resilience toolkit

Increasingly, we realise the importance of resilience in the workplace. With work overload, stress, tighter budgets, pressure, having a robust and easy to use resilience toolkit can transform your team. From understanding your own tendency to become stressed and how to address this, to finding ways of dealing with feelings of overload, this resilience course is informative and extremely useful for all levels of team.

Get in touch to find out more.

Create coaches

Creating coaches in your workplace can transform the way people communicate. Learning how to listen and not just assume we understand what others want. Asking skilful questions instead of closing down the conversation with advice and opinion.

This Create Coaches course brings awareness to the difference between coaching and telling and equips participants to hold basic coaching sessions with colleagues.  This skill can then be passed on to others, and this coaching movement can transform relationships.

For more information about bringing coaching to your organisation, get in touch


You want to attract more business and know that marketing is a weakness.  Get your team together to work out what you want from marketing.  What turnover to you want? By when? Who is your ideal client? What is special about your produce or service? Why would they choose you? Get a clear idea of your why, and then we can work on the how.  Content marketing, digital marketing and more traditional forms, they all play an important part.  Information and fun, a marketing workshop can really improve your business.

Painless networking

Networking, both social and face to face, is essential for many businesses.  There are few people that genuinely enjoy networking – this workshop looks at easy tips and techniques to reduce the pain and increase the success! Whether you’re a lawyer or in finance, people buy from people and building a strong client portfolio works so much better when you have a solid profile in the business community.