Need a coach to motivate you to the next level?

leadership coach Bristol

As a business owner, I know it can be a challenge to make decisions.  By working with a business coach myself, I found that many of the ideas I had could be put into practice as she helped me find time to prioritise.  I was very good at being a “busy fool”, doing the same thing over and over, failing to priorities and coaching enabled me to step out and gain clarity to use my time more efficiently and produce better results. This in turn reduced stress, helped me regain motivation and develop a clear vision of what I wanted for the business.

Business owners and entrepreneurs don’t get trained in how to run a business, how to work smart, how to manage people.  Coaching helps you to identify what areas need improving and how. It can help you with those difficult staff relationships, give insight into how best to lead others and what tasks you might be better off delegating.

It’s immensely useful to bounce ideas, to find inspiration, to be encouraged to think a little bigger, to stop limiting ourselves.  I encourage clients to do this and to commit to actions that will ensure that talking about something isn’t as far as they’ll get.  It’s important to commit to doing what you say you’ll do make the changes needed. It’s an essential investment for you and your business.

To discuss how a business coach can help you and your business, email me or give me a ring 07785 996917. Consultations are face to face, by phone or on Skype.