Business & executive coach

Leadership & executive coach

Leaders I work with find coaching essential. It accelerates change, acts as a catalyst and opens up new avenues. Coaching can bring a sharp focus to successful planning and decision making.

When you are in a senior position, it’s not easy to discuss certain challenges that you face.  Working with a coach gives you a critical friend who has no involvement in your company but a genuine interest in making life and work stress free and productive for you. Using careful and intelligent questions, coaching can open up your thinking and bring a fresh perspective to your work.

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Training for your team

Interesting and memorable training for your people on how to manage better, communicate well, be clear on purpose, increase resilience.

I have designed and delivered bespoke workshops for businesses in a range of fields from financial, retail, marketing & pr, charities and legal.

Managing people is one of the toughest challenges for many, and an enormous cause of worry and stress.  It does not come naturally to everyone, and working on developing new techniques and looking at situations with a new perspective is immensely beneficial.   Click here to see training courses or email me.

Business coach

As a business owner myself (Papadeli) I understand many of the challenges faced by business owners.  Whatever the size of business, planning for the future is essential.  Having a clear plan of where you want your business to be in years to come is essential for successful and profitable growth. Sometimes, being in business means that you lose perspective and can no longer see clearly where you want the business to go, as well as feeling frustrated that perhaps you are not doing what you enjoy, but simply feel like you’re stuck on a treadmill that has no end.

You will want to plan for exit, and what needs to be done to enable that.  It might feel a long way off, but what might happen if you don’t?

Being clear about your message and how to communicate it.

I am marketing Director at Papadeli Foods Ltd, and have worked as a marketing consultant for a variety of businesses from start ups to environmental consultancies and law firms. This work has taught me a lot about being clear about your message and how to communicate it, something that is essential for effective leadership of teams in organisations and businesses.