Coaching & training consultancy

Catrin MacDonnell coach

Qualifications & training

  • Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching, Bristol Business School (University of the West of England ILM Level 5)
  • Member of Critical Coaching Research Group, with the purpose to refine and improve practice.
  • Coaching Core Competencies certificate
  • Positive Psychology for Coaching Professionals with Dr.Chris Johnstone
  • Resilience Practitioner certificate, The College of Wellbeing, September to November 2016
  • Nominated Entrepreneur Ambassador in the South West New Entrepreneur Scholarship
  • Awarded scholarship to study “Entrepreneurship” at Babson College, Massachussetts 2005
  • Established award winning food business, Papadeli 2002 (most recently nominated Best Independent Retailer in the South West by Observer Food Monthly readers (2014, 2015 & 2016)

What I bring as a coach and trainer

  • business acumen: I have been involved in running my own business and coaching leaders in businesses for over 15 years.
  • focus: I work hard to listen to what you say and maintain a focus on what’s important.
  • clarity: I strive to clear my mind so that I can ask questions to help you find clarity around your issues.
  • decision making: a coach can ask the questions to challenge and stretch your thinking, bringing about well thought through decisions
  • a different perspective: coaching enables you to step out of your day to day and see things differently. Seeing things from the perspective of others can bring new insights.
  • stress reduction: doing the same thing over and over without stopping to work out what could change – stress helps no-one and is toxic. Coaching helps you identify how you want to be and put steps in place to maintain or increase productivity, reducing stress levels.
  • better relationships: with stress, misunderstandings etc relationships can suffer.  This is bad for you and for business.  Coaching brings tools for improving relationships and communication.
  • a plan for you and your business: we rush through life without stopping to think what we really want – for ourselves and work/business.  Coaching gives you the time to really identify what you want and holds you accountable to ensure you get there.
  • A sense of humour: last but not least, I think it’s vital that we all maintain a sense of humour (where appropriate, of course!)


  • The Bristol and Bath Coaching Network
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)
  • Critical Coaching group
  • Peer supervision for coaches

I have full professional indemnity insurance.