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Business coaching BristolCoaching background

I am a qualified business and executive coach (Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching, accredited by the Bristol Business School at University of the West England and the ILM level 5) and a member of the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council). I follow their code of ethics, which can be found here.

I have worked as a leadership, executive and business coach with a wide variety of both public and private organisations and businesses in many fields, including the sustainability sector, property, marketing & PR, advertising and food,  recruitment  (from small businesses to Hays Recruitment), law firms  and retail chains, charities and social enterprises (including Sustrans) as well as financial institutions, banks and government (both UK and Welsh governments).  All my work is confidential and clients trust me to keep what is spoken about in our sessions between us, unless explicitly agreed otherwise with a line manager or sponsor.

I am a certified resilience practitioner and have studied positive psychology.  I share many tools and techniques from these disciplines in my coaching sessions, so that clients can take them away and create lasting change.

I have full insurance and am a member of a coaching supervision group, The Bristol and Bath Coaching Group and the Critical Coaching Group which ensures that I maintain high standards and keep up to date with the latest coaching theory and practices.

Examples of coaching work

Managing Director of a UK wide marketing and advertising agency  – she wanted to find clarity and focus around the way she managed people and her strategy for the business. Coaching provided a space for her to prioritise, plan and be clear about the way she wanted to proceed. She put in place many changes that enables her to feel less stress, communicate better and be more strategic.

Directors of global recruitment firm – ensuring they optimised their own efforts and productivity and that of their teams. 100% said they felt coaching had been successful in fulfilling their aims and would work with a coach again.

CEO of high growth property business – felt isolated in role and wanted sounding board and a coach to help prioritise tasks and improve communication style. I am still working with him, meeting twice a month to ensure momentum is maintained.

Operations Director of large social enterprise – experiencing high levels of stress as organisation was restructured. Coaching helped prioritise workload, provide strategies for staff and increase confidence levels.

CFO for high growth  firm.  Wanted to hone leadership skills and ensure team performance was maximised to service needs of ambitious CEO. He put in place many processes and procedures that increased productivity and improved communication as well as achieving enhanced strategic thinking necessary for next period of growth.

Masterclasses and workshops on listening skills for Academi Wales, the Welsh Government’s academy for leaders and managers in the public sector.

Financial Director of large organisation found communication with board challenging.  Coaching helped her identify her owns strengths and weaknesses and adapt communication style to be heard. She found this new level of confidence transformed stress levels and actually started to enjoy her role.

Training and workshops

I design and deliver original masterclasses, training and workshops that challenge and inspire participants to think differently. From a comprehensive management skills course to thinking entrepreneurially, listening skills and coaching skills in the workplace. I deliver a masterclass at the Welsh Government’s Academi Wales, which offers leadership training for the public sector in Wales.

My interest in entrepreneurship began with my own businesses and a scholarship to Babson College, Massachussetts, where I was selected amongst 20 other UK entrepreneurs to learn from some of the finest in entrepreneurial thinking. I see huge potential for so many businesses and organisations to encourage entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

Before training as a coach, I established and ran Papadeli, a growing retail and food/catering business, with my husband. I have first hand experience of the challenges of running a profitable business, employing people, developing a strong brand which has retained its relevance for over 15 years.  I also have first hand experience of being in business with my husband and often coach other couples in business, as it can be an enormous challenge. I am also responsible for writing and large tenders and contracts.

Before that I worked in Marketing and Media, which gave me great insight into the power of communication.  I am still very much involved in the marketing and strategy side of Papadeli, alongside my coaching and training consultancy.

From spending time with business leaders and managers, I have been privileged to witness many challenges and successes and from these insights, I have designed several training courses and workshops on a variety of topics from management skills and wellbeing, to coaching and  listening skills as well as becoming better at delegating.  These are interactive, original workshops with a keen focus on seeing behaviour change.

I am serious about my work and professional development through a variety of additional training and the attendance of coaching groups and associations such as the EMCC and The Critical Coaching Group as well as The Bristol and Bath coaching group.  I am part of a supervision group and read widely on a variety of subjects that help me keep my knowledge up to date in the world of business, human resources and coaching.

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Qualifications & training

  • Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching, Bristol Business School (University of the West of England ILM Level 5)
  • Member of Critical Coaching Research Group, with the purpose to refine and improve practice.
  • Coaching Core Competencies certificate
  • Positive Psychology for Coaching Professionals with Dr.Chris Johnstone
  • Resilience Practitioner certificate, The College of Wellbeing, September to November 2016
  • Nominated Entrepreneur Ambassador in the South West New Entrepreneur Scholarship
  • Awarded scholarship to study “Entrepreneurship” at Babson College, Massachussetts 2005
  • Established award winning food business, Papadeli 2002 (most recently nominated Best Independent Retailer in the South West by Observer Food Monthly readers (2014, 2015 & 2016)

What I bring as a coach and trainer

  • business acumen: I have been involved in running my own business and coaching leaders in businesses for over 15 years.
  • focus: I work hard to listen to what you say and maintain a focus on what’s important.
  • clarity: I strive to clear my mind so that I can ask questions to help you find clarity around your issues.
  • decision making: a coach can ask the questions to challenge and stretch your thinking, bringing about well thought through decisions
  • a different perspective: coaching enables you to step out of your day to day and see things differently. Seeing things from the perspective of others can bring new insights.
  • stress reduction: doing the same thing over and over without stopping to work out what could change – stress helps no-one and is toxic. Coaching helps you identify how you want to be and put steps in place to maintain or increase productivity, reducing stress levels.
  • better relationships: with stress, misunderstandings etc relationships can suffer.  This is bad for you and for business.  Coaching brings tools for improving relationships and communication.
  • a plan for you and your business: we rush through life without stopping to think what we really want – for ourselves and work/business.  Coaching gives you the time to really identify what you want and holds you accountable to ensure you get there.
  • A sense of humour: last but not least, I think it’s vital that we all maintain a sense of humour (where appropriate, of course!)

Voluntary Roles 


  • Progression & Business Mentor, Prince’s Trust.
  • I am a volunteer coach for the CEO of a growing charity.
  • Member of GetSetforGrowth steering committee.


  • Parent Governor, Chair of the Teaching, Learning & Assessment Committee
  • UWE Ventures, Business Mentor.
  • Growth Accelerator Coach


  • The Bristol and Bath Coaching Network
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)
  • Critical Coaching group
  • Peer supervision for coaches

I have full professional indemnity insurance.