Catrin MacDonnell Coaching & Training


Working with a coach can provide the insight and techniques you need to find better ways of working and behaving to ensure you fulfil your potential and find your motivation.

As an experienced, professional coach and director of two businesses, I work hard to help you identify what you want, how you’d like your work and life to be and how to put in place a plan to get you there.

Being in a senior position or running your own business can be isolating and challenging. Having an independent, non judgmental coach who will introduce new ways of thinking an behaving can transform your outlook.

You may be searching for a coach to help with better decision making, more strategic thinking, clearer focus or more successful ways to influence and communicate. If this is you, get in touch to arrange a call where we can look at how you can start making the changes.

All my coaching work is confidential. I work with organisations in many areas from public sector & government to finance, construction, retail, hospitality and legal. This breadth of knowledge helps me provide insight that helps you think differently.

Training and facilitation

I create original workshops and training courses based not only on well researched theory but also live experiences from my own work and listening to others on what works and what doesn’t. From dealing with difficult conversations, to developing better communication skills and coaching programmes, I aim to create real behavioural change and get people thinking differently.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about workshops and training programmes. I have delivered masterclasses for Academi Wales, large organisations and private businesses across a range of topics.

For more information, give me a ring on 07785 996917 or email