Do you need to change your script?


I sometimes think of the human mind as a computer.  We input data ourselves and so do lots of other people.  From childhood we are making sense of things in our own way and inputting these theories.  We’re also learning and listening to others who contribute their theories and beliefs.  All this forms our attitudes and behaviours and creates a script.  This script governs how we see ourselves and how we perceive others. Read more

Stop focusing on the negative!

Tendency to focus on the negative?

It’s OK, you’re normal.

It’s been proven that we tend to remember negative comments far quicker than positive ones. If we have a negative experience, that’s the one that will feature when we next encounter a similar task or activity, and not the times when things went well.

Some people will be more expert than others at focusing on the negative, making them very hard to work (or live) with. They will always seek out what went wrong, remember bad times and find fault. Read more