Want to work with a coach?

There are many ways to work with me.

For the best results, things take a little time.  I would recommend committing to 3 months minimum, twice weekly sessions to create lasting change for you or your business.

Many clients start with 3 or 6 month programmes and then choose to meet monthly.  Others continue meeting bi-monthly for the long term.  Or you might find that 3 months gets you to where you want to be and we agree to stay in touch and monitor the situation.

The financial investment is generally paid off with increased business profitability, efficiency and earning power as well as the peace of mind that knowing where you are going brings.

Working with a coach brings you a competitive edge that most clients wouldn’t be without.

I understand that if you are a start up or small business, you may not be able to commit to a programme and I am flexible with this.  Often small business owners see that this investment is well worth it and continue with a programme after a couple of initial coaching sessions.

During a coaching programme, you may feel that other members of your team would benefit from coaching or training.  I am always happy to include them or create new programmes.

Where to start?

Get in touch via email, info@catrinmacdonnell.co.uk or ring me 07785 996917 and we can arrange a phone call or meeting to discuss what you’re looking for.

Coaching can then start, either face to face or via Skype.

How will coaching work?

We will first discuss what you want to get out of the coaching, and this will be the primary focus. There needs to be a good level of trust between coach and coachee and your interests will always be a priority. Once outcomes are identified, we will set about planning how to meet them, by assessing what might get in the way, any weaknesses or skills gaps that might need addressing as well as looking at what is already working well and what you might want to do more of.

Any challenges such as organisation or communication will be discussed and solutions looked at. I will share any tools, techniques or strategies I feel could help with you.  I am am a certified resilience practitioner, have studied positive psychology and constantly update my CPD in coaching techniques and skills and all this knowledge I will share with you, so that you come away with strategies that you can try out before the next session.  Then you will be able to discuss if it worked and how you can ensure you continue this change.

Coaching is all about you.  I will ask questions that will stretch your thinking and challenge any limiting beliefs you have that are holding you back. It is all very relaxed and I like to use humour where appropriate.  It is all hopefully very enjoyable!  As a coach, I am on your side and am your advocate, with no judgment, criticism or vested interest.  This is something that clients love as it is rare to have someone to has your back and genuinely wants you to find success and live up to your potential with absolutely no other agenda.

We can agree the amount of sessions at the beginning, but if you feel that you have reached your outcome sooner or if you feel it’s not what you want, you are not tied in. Honesty is key to the relationship and I will honour your decision.

Coaching has transformed my work and life, and so from first hand experience, I can say it works. I still work with coaches for my own professional development and cannot recommend it highly enough. It is important that you feel comfortable with your coach, and if you feel that the fit isn’t right, I will respect that and am able to recommend other coaches.

Why wait? Get in touch today!