Coaching and training testimonials

Ben Cosh

TGC Renewables

“”I have worked with Catrin over a couple of years. She is hugely skilful
and able to ask insightful questions to help bring clarity of thought to
complex business issues and relationships. This clarity of thought has
enabled focused actions on my part, which have in turn led to amazing
business results.

Dieter Lloyd

Managing Director, Pam Lloyd food marketing and PR

“Lovely to see you today and thanks as ever for your counsel and support.

I was so focussed on not missing my train that I forgot to say thank you for all the time you have given me so far this year. I wouldn’t have been sitting there today with the much discussed and lately arrived clarity if I hadn’t had your guidance over the past 9 months.

Somewhat cheekily, in the spirit of taking the credit when it’s due and the time to appreciate it,  I hope that you have taken a moment to acknowledge how much you have helped me this year. I am personally, and we as a business are where we are in no small part because of your challenges and insights. I hope that I have made clear how much I have valued and continue to value your input.”

Darren Farnell

Head of Relationship Banking, Barclays – UK

“Thank you Ros and Catrin for tailoring the “Think Like an Entrepreneur” session for my Area Managers. … stepping inside our customers shoes is an effective way of helping our people with their empathy and understanding of running a business…. the practical exercises you facilitated were particularly useful. Feedback has been very positive … through the commitments you captured from the team, I can see that they are already making positive changes”

Senior partner

Law firm

“Thank you so much for all your amazing work.  I can’t tell you what a difference it made”

Jon Payne

Technical Director, Noisy Little Monkey

“Before Catrin: Only about 1% of ideas I have get put into action. They were often not the best ideas.

With Catrin: My ideas and business have become more focused, success is easier to measure and my colleagues have an understanding of what is planned, how they can benefit and what’s expected of all of us.

Amazing really – all she does is ply me with coffee and ask the occasional question for an hour or so and my business gets more profitable.

You should book a session now. Really”

Carole Pugh

Managing Director, Four Corners PR

“Catrin understood instinctively my business and the challenges I was facing and helped me to identify changes I could make that have really made a difference to the way I run the business – and to the way I look at new challenges..”

Carole Pugh, Four Corners PR.

Christina Robino

Director, Bud PR

“We have worked on a number of occasions with Catrin Macdonnell and her clarity, focus and understanding of the needs of a small business partnership in development are second to none.  Catrin’s knowledge of business is extremely welcome and at times we have accessed her skills for internal supervision ( vital when working with vulnerable groups in the voluntary sector) high integrity and discretion figures big time for us and we are assured that with Catrin.
One thing we do know is that you cannot run a business without support, whether it’s one on one coaching and supervision or group. A view from the outside is vital.”

Career coaching client

Wishes to remain anonymous

Sessions were extremely valuable. I became able to assess my strengths and weaknesses. Catrin also helped me articulate the type of work I wanted to do, and my career priorities. As a result of this and the confidence it gave me, I was successful in my application, and I am starting a new job next week. I have no hesitation in recommending Catrin, her advice and mentoring has been a huge help for me.”

Kathryn King

Commercial Director, JSB Design

“I met Catrin for the first time at a conference and really enjoyed the session she ran on making the most out of networking and developing strong networks. A friend of mine had also had 121 coaching with Catrin and when I was offered ‘matched funding’ by the government to attend 121 coaching to develop management/business planning skills, I didn’t hesitate to contact Catrin  (she came very highly recommended).
My situation was quite unusual as I was in the process of selling a business that I had been running for three years whilst also joining my husband’s business which he has been running very successfully on his own for the last eight years. This threw up its own set of unique challenges, which Catrin helped me work through with patience, understanding and a sense of humour. I consider the time I spent with Catrin as a haven of ‘calm’ where I was able to talk, be listened to and develop clear actions and strategies to take back to the business.
I have since sold my business and take an active role in my husband’s business which is now ‘our’ business.

I still use the tools that Catrin equipped me with to make sure that we are both as effective as we can be for the business and for each other.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Catrin to anyone who is at a point where they need toreflect on what they are doing and where they want their business to go, and needs someone understanding, calm and proactive to facilitate that.”