Coaching for Growth: Identifying a clear path for your business

As your business grows, it is likely that it will go through a number of stages.  Each stage can bring its own challenges, whether it’s about the relationships between existing directors, new ones, senior management or communication and how your growing business comes across internally and externally. Being clear about how you want the business to be will no longer be as simple as making the decisions and executing them.  You need to engage with staff and colleagues and perhaps a board, all who will have their own opinions and objections.

It is not necessarily possible to share your thoughts with others in the business, particularly if you have reservations or doubts.  Ruminating in your own mind around options and the obstacles that can get in the way does not usually lead you anywhere, especially if there are some limiting beliefs or doubts of your own.

Working with a coach, you can find the space and time to discuss your thoughts and make sense of what you want and how that will fit in with other stakeholders in your business.  Reminding yourself or what motivates you or drives you and why you set up the business in the first place, is immensely useful and can help you regain your enthusiasm if that has been lacking. It’s too easy to push ahead under the pressure of day to day work and neglect to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective.  It’s vital to consider your wins and look at how they can be celebrated. A coach will help you highlight these and coaching sessions can act as a catalyst to enable you to move forward with a clear plan of what you would like to have happen.

Working with an experienced, qualified coach, can help you identify your business strengths and weakness, and what can be done to maximise strengths and minimise weaknesses.  Bringing a non judgemental, impartial external coach can help you break down the barriers to growth for your business.

Coaching can help you avoid conflict in your business, but encouraging you to have the honest conversations that are needed, with a clear idea of the outcome that you want. I have worked with many businesses and it’s clear that the attitudes and behaviours at the very top have enormous influence on the attitudes and behaviours elsewhere in the business.  If there is lack of clarity at the top, this can trickle down to all parts, often holding the business back.

One to one coaching is hugely beneficial, as is working with other directors and board members to ensure all are working towards the same outcomes.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how coaching can help you gain clarity and form strategies to maximise the success of your business.