Coaching for clarity for business owners

Being in business is not easy (I have first hand experience of this!).  Keeping your focus on how you want your business to be can be challenging when there are other demands on your time.  Working with others and staff issues can at best distract and at worst be very stressful. Customers or clients don’t always behave as you’d like and neither do suppliers.  Keeping your eye on what’s important can feel impossible (and that’s if you have found the time to actually work out what’s important!).

You may have built a successful business and from the outside seem hugely successful.  The ‘behind the scenes’ story may be very different.  You may crave some time to yourself, you may not be able to remember what it was that you enjoyed about the business, you may be feeling very stressed.

Alternatively, you may have a successful business and feel that all is going well, but would like to have a more proactive plan for its future.  So far, it may have been an organic growth pattern, and you realise that should you actually plan more strategically, you could create something even better.  Or you may have your eye on exit and want to fully consider the options ahead.

There is no one type of business person that can benefit from coaching. Let’s face it, owning a business can be isolating.  It’s not always possible to share your thoughts, hopes and fears with those around you.  A coach will listen, ask questions, stretch your thinking and hold you account when you set out a plan and say you will see it through.

I have worked with owners of so many different types of business and all find working with a coach immensely useful to gain clarity, focus and a plan for next steps.

If you’d like to know more about how working with a coach might work, email me for a no obligation chat.